Kennedy Babylon VOL 2

Kennedy Babylon: A Century of Scandal and Depravity, Vol. 2.

KB 2 is the perfect gift for you or any Deplorables you know — more than 300 pages, including another 100-plus seldom-seen photographs, chronicling the tawdry, squalid, most up-to-date record of “America’s First Family.”

If you liked KB 1, you’ll love KB 2 — 23 all-new chapters, including details of the latest arrests last year in Hyannis Port, the life and times of Patches Kennedy and Peter Lawford, Teddy’s catastrophic embrace of illegal immigration, plus chapters on JFK rivals Richard Nixon and LBJ, the jaw-dropping anti-Semitism of the patriarch Joe, more depositions on the infamous Au Bar rape and so much more.

In addition to R-rated stories galore, KB 2 also includes chapter after chapter of photos of the family’s friends, enemies and assorted politicians (and baseball players) whose names they are always mangling. Not to mention compilations of their actual quotes — all dialogue guaranteed verbatim.

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Kennedy Babylon Vol. 2 — it’s not just a sequel, it’s a superseding indictment.



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Kennedy Babylon Vol. 2 adds to the story of the Kennedy family’s scandalous century in the public eye. Written by Howie Carr, the New York Times bestselling author of The Brothers Bulger and Hitman, Kennedy Babylon Vol. 2 is a brawling and rambunctious tour of scandals from the days of the clan’s bootlegging anti-Semitic patriarch to the death of JFK Jr. The book includes scores of amazing photographs, many of which have not been published in decades — or at all.


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